Sword In the Stone Castle

Blue Oak Tree is a song in Disney's The Sword in the Stone. Although the whole song was not deleted from the film all the parts were sung in it. The Sherman Brothers described it as a wierd song because it showed how stupid the knights of the castle were cause all they did everyday was to eat and joust, drink and joust and eat some more and they had loyalty to this Blue Oak Tree on a field of white which meant nothing at all.

Lyrics Edit

To the Blue Oak Tree on the field of white. We pledge our loyalty forever. The white stands for right purity and might. The blue stands for truth yea verily, forsooth. So we drink a toast to the Banner we love the most May it proudly wave on high. We will sing all night and all day. We will fight for the Blue Oak Tree on a field of white For the Blue Oak Tree on a field of white no more.

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