Higitus Figitus is one of the songs written by the Sherman Brothers for the Disney film, The Sword in the Stone.


Merlin: Now boy, you can't grow up without a decent education, you know.

Wart: Oh, I suppose not, sir Merlin.

Merlin: So, I am going to be your tutor.

Wart: But I've got to get back to the castle. They'll want me in the kitchen.

Merlin: Oh, well. then very well. We'll pack and be on our way. You watch now. You'll like this.

Higitus Figitus zumbabazing

I want your attention ev'rything!

We're packing to leave come on let's go no no not you books are always the first you know

Hockety pockety wockety wack abracabra dabra nack

Shrink in size very small we've got to save enough room for all

Higitus Figitus migitus mum


Cicero you belong to the "C's"

Alphabethical order please

Ali-i-ca-fez bal-a-ca-zez

malacamez meripides

diminish diminish dictionary

those words in your vocabulary

Hockety pockety wockety wack

that's the way we have to pack.

Higitus Figitus migitus mum pres-ti-dig-i-ton-i-um!

Higitus Figitus zoomacazam

Stop! Stop!

Don't get in a traffic jam

Now see here Sugar bowl you're getting too rough

That poor old tea set's cracked enough

Merlin: Alright let's start again.

Ah...Oh, where was I boy?

Wart: Ah, hockety pockety?

Merlin: Oh yes, yes that's right...

Hockety pockety wockety wack

Odds and ends and bric a brac

I'll be with you in just a minute, sonny.

The packing's almost done.

Why you, you, you bungling blockhead!

Hey, easy there.

No, no, go ahead.

Dum doodly doodly doodly dum

This is the best part now.

Higitus Figitus migitus mum,


Higitus Figitus migitus mum,


Arthur: Wow what a way to pack

Merlin: Well, now, just a second, boy. How else would you get all this stuff into one suitcase, I'd like to know?

Arthur: Oh I believe it's wonderful.