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The Boomps Song is a song written by the Sherman Brothers for the film Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland.


The Boomps: We are the Boomps. Boomp, Boomp. Good Goblin Boomps. Boomp, Boomp.

Boomp: We are escapees from Nightmareland.

Boompa: Our Nightmarish King doesn't understand.

The Boomps: We just can't horrify or terrify.

Boompie: Can't even work up a fright.

The Boomps: We just get laughs when we go Boomp in the Night.

Boompie: When Goblins are good. Boomp, Boomp. They're misunderstood. Boomp, Boomp.

Boompay: Though we may seperate.

Boompie: Seperate.

Boomp: Or come in kloomps.

The Boomps: We get so blue, cause when we say boo, nobody joomps from boomps.

Little Nemo - Boomps Song - Sing Along

Little Nemo - Boomps Song - Sing Along